Press Releases

Press Releases

The announcement regarding Cuba Havana José Marti Airport.

TAV Airports, in partnership with its 38% shareholder Groupe ADP and with Bouygues Bâtiment International, enters into exclusive talks with Cuban authorities, concerning the development of José Marti International Airport, Havana, under a concession contract.

The Havana International Airport development project comprises the renovation, extension and operation of the existing international terminals. These developments, when completed in 2020 will provide the airport with a handling capacity of over 10 million passengers. The current traffic is close to 5 million passengers and the possible liberalization of air traffic, especially with the USA, carries rapid growth potential.

The project also ultimately includes the development of the San Antonio de los Banos Airport, located to the West of the capital.

We hereby state that the above clarifications are in compliance with the principles set forth in the Decree No II-15.1 of the Capital Market Board, that it fully reflects the information we have received in this respect, that the information is compliant with the books, records and our documents, that we have accomplished our best in order to obtain the accurate and correct information, and that we are responsible for this clarification hereby.