Press Releases

Press Releases

Exclusive Shop of Georgian Wines At Tbilisi International Airport

October 25th will witness ATU Georgia and TAV Georgia opening ceremony of the wine shop Georgian Wines in the duty-free zone of Tbilisi international airport, in which different sorts of the best Georgian wines produced by 12 companies will be displayed. Opening of the exclusive shop of Georgian wines was became possible with the initiative of the Ministry of Agriculture and active efforts of ATU Georgia and TAV Georgia . In the wine shop occupying a 275 square meter area will permanently take place wine degustation and passengers will be given great opportunity to taste exquisite collection of Georgian wines during 24 hours. The design of the shop is traditional Georgian and belongs to a Georgian architect.

Ceremony was attended by the Minister of Agriculture of Georgia - Mr. Zaza Gorozia, Deputy Minister of Economy – Mr. Archil kekelia, Embessador of Turkey in Georgia – Mr. Levent Murat Burhan and other official persons.

Displaying a wide assortment of Georgian wines at Tbilisi airport which is visited by thousands of guests every day will not only contribute to popularization of Georgian wine, but will also create the opportunity for the national wine production to raise awareness among lots of visitors.

Wine shop will exhibit wines produced by the following wine companies: Badagoni, Georgian Wine Corporation, Khvanchkara Ltd., Kindzmaraulis Marani, Tbilgvino, Sarajishvili, Teliani Valley, Bagrationi 1882, Kakheti Traditional Wine Production Ltd. and others.