Press Releases

Press Releases

BTA takes over food & beverage areas at IDO

Bringing international tastes to airline passengers in Turkey and abroad under TAV Airports, BTA has added Istanbul Fast Ferries into its service network. From now on, BTA will render food & beverage services to TAV Airports and 100 million passengers of IDO (annual average). Taking over 33 food & beverage locations at IDO, BTA will be providing service at 82 locations at IDO during the first half of 2012.

Offering food and beverage service at international standards in airports within Turkey and abroad under TAV Airports, BTA has brought its service quality to Istanbul Fast Ferries, which provides sea transportation in Istanbul. BTA has taken over the food & beverage areas at 33 locations at seaports, on car ferries and ferries operated by IDO used more than 50 million passengers a year. The areas operated by BTA at IDO are planned to increase to 82 in the first half of 2012.

BTA Chief Executive Officer Sadettin Cesur said, “As BTA, we will provide services at two main platforms by TAV Airports and IDO that accommodate 100 million passengers utilizing air and sea transportation. Initially, we have taken over the operation of 16 food & beverage points on 17 car ferries and at 12 seaports, operated by Istanbul Deniz Otobüsleri A.S. Our goal is to carry the experience and quality we have gained at airports to those passengers utilizing sea transportation. We are working to provide our passengers with the service they expect and deserve during their sea travels, which is one of the primary modes of transportation in Turkey, particularly in Istanbul. As BTA, we are planning to expand our service to 82 locations within IDO within the first half of 2012.”

Operating 146 units across 9 terminals in Turkey, Georgia, Macedonia and Tunisia under TAV Airports, with the awareness that quality is based not only on delicious food but hygienic and safe preparation and service, BTA will offer its special concepts and menus to sea line passengers through IDO.

82 key locations across Istanbul will be taken over within the first half of 2012 and transformed into BTA concepts. A wide variety of new flavors will be re-discovered at all service points operated under BTA quality assurance. Setting out with the goal of making a difference through healthy products and quality service, and continually remaking itself by keeping abreast of global trends and production technologies, BTA is creating new flavor stops at the IDO locations it has recently taken over.

About BTA: Food and beverage operations at Atatürk Airport, Ankara Esenboga Airport, Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal, Antalya Gazipasa Airport, Tbilisi and Batumi Terminals in Georgia, Enfidha-Hammamet and Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airports in Tunisia and Skopje Airport in Macedonia are managed by BTA, a subsidiary of TAV Airports Holding. Established in a partnership between the Bilintur, Tepe and Akfen groups in 1999 and beginning operations in January 2000, BTA provides service to an average of 37,000 passengers a day, offering a wide variety of menu choices from world cuisine. BTA provides a 24/7 service at approximately 146 cafes, bars, restaurants and kiosks spread over a total area of 33,000 square meters and a total seating capacity of 12,500. BTA has also been operating TAV Airport Hotel, located at the Atatürk Airport International Terminal, since May 22nd, 2004. Also, founded in 2006 by BTA Catering, Cakes&Bakes currently supplies products to world-famous fast food and coffee chains with a capacity of 1 million pieces per month.