Press Releases

Press Releases

The "star" of TAV shines for children's education

TAV Airports attends the 'Stars of Istanbul' project organized by UNICEF with support by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with its own 'star'. As part of the social responsibility project initiated to support the education of children who are out-of-school, TAV's star 'Dream Framer' designed by photograph artist Mehmet Turgut was amongst the pieces stood out at the exhibition opened at Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal.

TAV Airports supported the 'Stars of Istanbul' project carried out by UNICEF, a charity founded by United Nations to protect children worldwide and improve their living conditions, as part of its 60th year of operation in Turkey. Photograph artist Mehmet Turgut designed the star called 'Dream Framer' for TAV Airports, which attracted huge interest from passengers at Istanbul Atatürk Airport International Terminal.

TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengü Vargul said "As TAV Airports, we have initiated numerous social responsibility projects so far to perpetuate the support we give and the importance we attach to education and art. We are proud to be thinking differently and to put this diversity forth as one of the stars of the 'Stars of Istanbul' project initiated to provide children, who are out-of-school for any number of reasons, the education they deserve. We will be doing the honors to exhibit six stars including our own 'Dream Framer' for the next 3 months at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. We are also proud to see these starts shine for the education of children ".

Photograph artist Mehmet Turgut who designed the 'Dream Framer' for TAV Airports by using clip art technique said that he enjoyed preparing the star very much and the purpose the star served was the most important factor which made it different from many other projects he materialized until now. He added "I named the star "Dream Framer " because the photographs on it were my own autobiography and in a way reflected my inner world. The easily accessible locations of the stars exhibited will provide opportunity to many people to experience this art phenomenon ".

Each corporation is represented by its own star through this art project which aims to contribute into providing necessary funds in order to bring 90 thousand 9 to 14 years old out-of-school children to the same level with their peers through intense education.

TAV Airports hosts the exhibition displaying the stars of Siemens, Profilo, Opet and Meyed at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Participated by 72 brands across Istanbul, 'Stars of Istanbul' is the largest municipal art and social responsibility project. 110 artists and designers are involved in the project, who designed the stars for the participating corporations. Stars that are to be exhibited at various locations across Istanbul for 3 months between September and end of November will open doors for thousands of children who could not finalize their primary school education. Each star exhibited at the 'Stars of Istanbul'