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Press Releases

TAV Airports chosen best at EMA Awards

TAV Airports received awards in three categories at the Emerging Markets Airport Awards, a forum where the most influential players in the aviation sector are recognized. During the ceremony held in Dubai, UAE, TAV Airports was chosen as “Best Airport Operator, while the Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal - operated by TAV Airports- won the title for “Best Airport in Ecological Innovation,” Tbilisi Airport of Georgia received the award for best airport in its region.

In the Emerging Markets Airport Awards held in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, which hosted authorities of the international aviation sector again this year, TAV Airports was selected “Best Airport Operator.” Furthermore, while Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport, operated by TAV Airports, received the award for “Best Airport in Ecological Innovation," Tbilisi Airport of Georgia - participating in the EMAA in the regional category which included Russia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe and the Baltic States, was singled out as the best in its region.

TAV Airports Holding President and CEO M. Sani Şener, said: “As one of the leading airport operators in the world, we were honored by the awards we received, but also by being singled out as among the best airports with whom we operate in EMAA, which tracks the pulse of the developing aviation industry. The awards received by the airports we operate are very important for us because we invest a great deal in developing markets. These awards motivate TAV employees.” Şener added: “While air traffic increases in the summer season, TAV Airports, which operates 10 airports on three continents, abiding by its experience in the global arena, continues to welcome passengers with enthusiasm and fast, high quality service. Our priority as TAV Airports is the sharing of best practices between all players to add value to the growth of our sector. The main factors in this growth are cooperation and communication. In other words, we have adopted a philosophy of “competition based on cooperation.” TAV contributes to the growth of the market at every level. While contributing to the development of the sector on the one hand, being awarded for our success on the other is much more meaningful for us.”

EMA Awards was organized for the first time last year and, in addition to TAV Airports and the Tbilisi Airport, Tunisia’s Monastir Habib Bourguiba Airport was selected as the “Best” surpassing all the airports in its region.

Held for the second time this year, the Emerging Markets Airport Awards (EMAA) tracks the pulse of developing markets in the world of aviation. EMAA, which hosts the leaders of the sector, is intended to be a yearly event.