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Press Releases

TAV Airports gains momentum in Northern Europe with Riga

The Duty Free stores renovated with an investment of EUR 2 million by TAV Airports - which has undertaken Duty Free, food & beverage and ground handling operations at Riga Airport in the capital of Latvia - are now open. Turkish Deputy Secretary Suat Hayri Aka, Latvia Ministry of Transport Undersecretary Anrijs Matiss, and TAV Airports Board Chairman Hamdi Akın attended the opening ceremony.

TAV Airports, which has grown to become one of the world’s leading airport operators within a short period of time, has opened the recently renovated Duty Free stores at Riga Airport, an important operational hub of Northern Europe, with a 2 million Euro investment. Turkish Deputy Secretary Suat Hayri Aka, Latvia Ministry of Transport Undersecretary Anrijs Matiss, and TAV Airports Board Chairman Hamdi Akın attended the opening ceremony. Representatives from the official office of TAV Latvia based in the capital were also in attendance.

Turkish Deputy Secretary Aka stated in his opening remarks, “We believe that this project, which has been realized through TAV’s investment, will improve relations between Turkey and Latvia. TAV Airports will continue to add to the know-how and experience it has gained internationally through the duty free, food and beverage and ground handling operations it has now undertaken at Riga Airport. The project of TAV undertaking these operations at Riga Airport is also an indication of the growing value of Riga Airport in the international arena.”

TAV Airports Board Chairman Hamdi Akın said, “We regard our activities at Riga Airport, which is located at the juncture of mainland Europe, Scandinavia and Russia as very important in our continuing development. We are imparting all our knowledge and service quality to make Riga –which proved its viability with a growth in passenger numbers despite the global financial crisis- one of Northern Europe’s most important flight centers. We are also contributing to Latvia’s economy by creating employment opportunities similar to those we have created in every country in which we operate. We want this renovated store we launch today to become the proof of the added value we will be providing to the airport operations of Latvia in the future.”

During the speech in which he thanked TAV for its investment in his country's economy, Latvia Ministry of Transport Undersecretary Matiss stated, "With the works carried out by TAV Airports, Riga Airport is developing and now is able to show the modern side of Latvia to the world. We are very happy with this collaboration which coincided with a period when the relationship between the two countries is closer than ever. We are certain that TAV’s global experience will continue to carry Riga Airport forward.”

The cooperation agreement between TAV Airports Holding and SJSC Riga International Airport for the lease of commercial areas and operation of its duty free section was signed on September 30th, 2010. Renovation works within the Duty Free areas began in January 2011 and will be completed mid-summer. More than 100 jobs will be created within the 4,650 m2 area, where several stores offering world brands to passengers will be opened. TAV Latvia has become one of the most important customers of Riga Airport with the signing of this commercial area management contract.

Duty Free stores are being operated by ATU, a subsidiary of TAV Airports. The company carries out Duty Free operations at Istanbul Atatürk and Ankara Esenboga Airports, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal in Turkey as well as at Batumi and Tbilisi Airports in Georgia, Enfidha and Monastır Airports in Tunisia as well as Skopje and Ohrid Airports in Macedonia. ATU received the “Most Successful Operator” award in 2010 presented by Frontier magazine, the leading publication of the airport operations sector.

In addition to Duty Free, TAV Airports also provides ground services at Riga Airport through North Hub Services (NHS), of which its subsidiary Havas is a 50% shareholder. In addition to Riga where it employs 370 people, NHS will soon be operating in Helsinki and Stockholm. HAVAS provides service to over 250 airlines across 27 airports worldwide.

About TAV Airports

TAV Airports Holding is among the leading airport operators in the world. It operates Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboga, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport International Terminal and Antalya Gazipasa airports in Turkey, Tbilisi and Batumi Airports in Georgia, Monastir and Enfidha Airports in Tunisia, as well as the Skopje and Ohrid Airports in Macedonia. TAV Airports provides fast, accurate, quality services in all areas of airport operations; including duty free sales, food and beverage services, ground handling services, IT, security, and operations services. In 2010, TAV Airports served 420,000 flights and 48 million passengers globally.

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