Press Releases

Press Releases

Bilgi University Students Received Their Certificates from TAV

Students who have completed the entire Corporate Communication Program prepared by Istanbul Bilgi University Carrier Center and TAV Airports have come together in a ceremony to receive their certificates.

Corporate Communication Certificate Program, held at Istanbul Bilgi University Santral Istanbul campus with the participation of 25 students from Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Communication, aimed to transfer TAV’s accumulation of knowledge to young communicators who will be working in corporate communications departments of companies which are being rapidly organized by many companies recently, and to support them by helping them to gain practical approaches while entering communication sector. The objective of “Corporate Communications Program” was gaining of communicators with advanced 360 degrees of communications skills and perceptions to the sector.

During training program, knowledge regarding media relations within corporate communication, activities management, creative works, media procurement, sponsorship, institutional social responsibility and social media management were transferred to participating students. During the program, which included simulations and applications of drama techniques, academic knowledge taken into formal education content were supported with practical applications. Student’s participation continued along the year, at a considerably high level of attendance in training sessions where cases from business life were analyzed; and contemporary projects and studies were shared.

TAV Airports Holding CEO M. Sani Şener, who delivered a speech at the ceremony said that as TAV group, effective communication skills was the issue they consider most important while managing their companies and that their expectation from their employees was always keeping their communication channels open and be adapted to group’s DNA which is based on innovation. Şener continued to say “In TAV Group, which receives over 50,000 applications annually for jobs, our doors are always open to well-educated human resources who have developed their competence. As a CEO who follows the latest developments of our times in the framework of personal development by trainings and seminars, I attach great importance on “corporate communication units” companies have established within their organization recently. As TAV, the leader brand which has brought airport operations to Turkey in this platform, we are proud to have led this program with the assistance of Istanbul Bilgi University. We wish that our friends who are entitled to receive their certificates to consider the training they have received here, as a milestone in their lives.”

Prof. Dr. Halil Nalçaoğlu, Dean of Faculty of Communication of Istanbul Bilgi University, congratulating the students receiving their certificates, said that they do not want Bilgi University to have high walls. Regarding this program, Prof. Dr. Nalçaoğlu said: “As Faculty of Communication, we have taken several steps with regard to university – industry relations; we are continuing to take new steps. Our cooperation with TAV, one of the most distinguished companies of Turkey, gave results which we are proud of. I thank to everybody who has contributed to this certificate program in corporate communications field which will have great importance for those who have benefited from it, especially to TAV Airports Holding CEO M. Sani Şener and TAV Corporate Communications Department.

Students who have participated 80% to the training provided by TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargül and who became successful in their end of term projects are entitled for internship in the companies of TAV Group.