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Press Releases

“Rendezvous” of TAV Airports Holding Annual Report and Jazz Music

TAV Airports Holding launched its 2008 Annual Report at Istanbul Atatürk Airport with a concert by Kerem Görsev. Mr. Görsev composed special pieces for the event, highlighting the interactive “Rendezvous” concept reflected in the 2008 Annual Report for the airports operated by TAV Airports Holding.

TAV Airports Holding has shown the unique style and flair of the company in its 2007 and 2008 Annual Reports. Last year TAV Airports launched its Annual Report based on an artistic, literary theme. This year the Company has decided on an innovative project based on music. Jazz musician Kerem Görsev has composed several melodies for the airports operated by TAV Airports. In these compositions, stories of the cities and countries where terminals are located are illustrated musically.

TAV Airports Holding CFA Investor Relations Manager Nursel İlgen remarked that the utmost care and attention to detail is exhibited during the preparation of the Annual Report each year in order that investors may be fully informed, as 42% of TAV Airports Holding shares are being traded at ISE. İlgen also stated that TAV Airports Holding has served 41 million passengers on three continents and that they are advancing with firm steps on the road to becoming a global firm.    

TAV Airports Holding Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargül commented, “Having a different style in thinking and showing the courage to be genuine are the basis of our corporate culture. Supporting culture and the arts as TAV Airports does, we have carried out original, innovative projects. For the release of our 2007 Annual Report we held an event with a literary theme in and in 2008 our launch will carry a musical theme. In the 2008 Annual Report, we have brought the airports--as meeting points in life--together with jazz, the music of the city. We wish to reflect the rhythm and color of our work in this year’s Annual Report. In this endeavor, we cooperated jointly with Finar Corporate during its creation.”

Bengi Vargül also pointed out that there is no room for lapses and indecisiveness in airport operations, where the pace of business is rapid, 24/7 every day. With this awareness, TAV Airports is serves its customers with experienced and satisfied employees at every point in the airport.

Last year, the 2007 TAV Airports Annual Report was introduced with quotations from the novel “Istanbullians” by Buket Uzuner, which won the “Silver Award” in the Traditional Creativeness Competition held in Kentucky, USA.  It also won the “Best Designed Annual Report Award” held by the Turkish Society of Graphic Design (GMK). In the wake of such high regard, the second edition was published soon afterward.