Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Airport Holding’s 2007 Annual Report now in its second printing has won the International Creativity Award

TAV Airports’ 2007 Annual Report, has been recognized with the “Silver Award” in the Traditional Creativity Awards, organised for the 38th time in Kentucky, U.S.A.

In a competition that included 2800 project entries from 45 countries, TAV Airports Holding’s 2007 Annual Report was recognized with the Silver Award in the United States 38th Traditional Creativity Awards

TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargül, stated that the 2007 Annual Report has a unique perspective, as it combines two very different disciplines -- finance and literature--in the report which consists of corporate texts and financial figures. Vargül said: “The report demonstrates not only TAV Airports’ financial values, but also its closeness to people and its human perspective. We are proud to have created a report that breaks with the classical approach to financial reporting and with traditional understanding of how such reports should look and that awakens curiosity.”

Vargül stated that, by adding elements from the Pop-Art movement and Buket Uzuner’s novel İstanbullular (Residents of Istanbul), they have demonstrated to financial circles that numbers can be attributed new meanings. She went on to add that TAV Airport’s 2007 Annual Report, prepared in collaboration with Finar Kurumsal, has drawn incredible interest since it was first published.  TAV Airports Holding Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargül said: “We quickly ran out of the first edition of 1500 copies, which we distributed to business and finance circles. Then we finished a second printing as the need also arose for an additional 1000 copies to be sent to relevant business circles abroad. The compliments and requests for more copies that we have received from practically all over the world have motivated us to create even better projects.” Vargül went on to say: “What lies behind the value created by TAV Airports is an administration that gives us the opportunity to think in a different way and that encourages us to produce unique projects.  We are privileged to have the advantage of working with such an administration.  Our report reflects a strong leadership, a pioneering role in the sector and the ability to work as a team. We work in an environment that supports innovative thinking. We never forget that “people” constitute our main business and we are extremely happy to have carried out a project that again focuses on people.”

Along with calligraphy and speech balloons, the 2007 Activity Report of TAV Airports also contains Ben-day dots, one of the most important elements of Pop-Art and first used by Roy Lichtenstein in his comic strips. The graphic design of the report was developed in accordance with the spirit of the novel. The main approach of the design was based on the contradiction/union of the novel and the comic strip. A comic strip approach based on Pop-art was used to portray the characters of the novel and their internal worlds within the Atatürk Airport International Terminal, which is actually the main character of the novel.  We also strove to dramatise the balance between space and people. The same dramatic effect was maintained in the page design, with few empty spaces and a hard design, the rules of which were clearly set. The report, where everything from its paper and dimension to its box, from its content to its typography were custom-designed, has brought a new dimension to the classical concept of annual reports.