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Press Releases

A different approach to an Annual Report by TAV Airports Holding

TAV Airports brings together in its 2007 Annual Report Pop Art, one of the most extraordinary art movements of the 20th century with the novel “Istanbullians” by Ms Buket Uzuner, the contemporary Turkish writer. In the report, the characters of the “Istanbullians” novel, the setting of which is the Atatürk Airport, were brought to life with illustrations and speech balloons.  

The theme of the 2007 Annual Report for TAV Airports is selected as the “Istanbullians” novel by Ms Buket Uzuner, the first edition of which was published 2007. “Istanbullians”, where Istanbul was a protagonist, was narrated with Pop Art, the art trend that occupied the centre stage in the 1950’s. The unique report, designed exclusively with every detail from paper ­and dimensions to the packaging, from the content to typesetting, also introduced a new dimension to classical annual reports.

Ms Bengi Vargül, the Corporate Communications Coordinator, stated that, as TAV Airports Holding, they always create a difference with the innovative and creative point of view, and added that they have enhanced this approach with the 2007 Annual Report. Ms Vargül said “TAV Airports is a company that is capable of immense innovation. In order to reflect our intellectual know-how in our corporate presentations, we chose Finar Kurumsal for this report. The result was a work of art that makes us all proud”. Ms Vargül added: “We believe that we have introduced a different point of view for the finance world as well, with our 2007 Annual Report, with the role the Istanbul Atatürk Airport, where TAV Airports, offering services to an average of 35 million passengers, was born, assumed in the hands of Ms Buket Uzuner, and through its interpretation with Pop Art”.

Mr Baki Kara, the President of Finar Kurumsal Ajans said, “Since the day our agency came to life, we have prepared over 700 projects. One of the most unique projects was the 2007 Annual Report of TAV Airports”.

In the TAV Airports 2007 Annual Report, the Ben-Day dots, calligraphy and dialogue balloons, as applied in the comic books by Roy Lichtenstein, as one of the most important trademarks of the Pop Art trend. The graphic design of the report was developed in line with the spirit of the novel. The main approach of the design focused on the novel-comic conflict/Union.  With a comic book approach prepared as per the pop-art trend, the protagonists were pictured, with their inner worlds, within the Atatürk Airport International Terminal, which, for us, is the main protagonist of the novel. The setting-protagonist balance was tried to be dramatized. The same dramatic effect was maintained with the designs of the other pages, with few gaps, and with a strict and well defined design approach.

The report, the foreword of which was written by Ms Buket Uzuner, was presented for the investors and the business circles, together with the special edition of the novel “Istanbullians” by Ms Uzuner. TAV Airports intends to be represented in the communication circles as well in addition to international finance circles, with the 2007 Annual Report.