Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Airports became the only Turkish company to receive an award from IR Magazine.

TAV Airports was the only Turkish company to receive an award from IR Magazine at the annual IR Magazine 2017 Europe awards.

TAV Airports ranked first in Europe in the category of "best crisis management" at the 27th annual award ceremony held this year by IR Magazine, one of the most respected publications in investor relations. Nursel Ilgen, Head of Investor Relations for TAV Airports received the award at the award ceremony organized in London.

Ms. Ilgen said "Last year we ran a very proactive IR programme in a tumultuous year for the aviation sector. We seeked out our analysts and investors during difficult times and continued to manage their expectations. We diversified our communication tools and continued to facilitate a dialogue between capital markets and our company. We received immense support from our senior management and especially our CEO during this time to enable effective communication with our stakeholders. We shared the same stage with major global companies at the IR Awards Ceremony, which makes us very proud for our company and our country.”

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