Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV and Servicios Aeroportuarios operate lounges at Santiago Airport in Chile

Primeclass Pacifico, joint-venture between TAV Operation Services, operating 41 lounges in 13 countries, and Servicios Aeroportuarios, operating 12 lounges in Chile, will operate two lounges at the terminal Building of Arturo Merino Benítez Santiago International Airport and will provide meet & assist services.

Arturo Merino Benítez Santiago International Airport has become the 23rd airport within the portfolio of ‘primeclass’, the brand of TAV Operation Services that offers solutions to the ones who seek comfort while traveling. With this addition, TAV Operation Services reached 41 lounges at 23 airports worldwide.

Primeclass Pacifico, joint venture between TAV Operation Services and Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A. has been awarded the tender for the operation of the lounges for five years. Arturo Merino Benítez Santiago International Airport is the seventh busiest airport in Latin America with 19.2 million passengers.

TAV Operation Services General Manager Ali Bora Isbulan declared: “By liaising with Servicios Aeroportuarios S.A., our company will have the opportunity to develop a regional hub that can allow TAV to set a significant footprint in a rapidly growing South American market, diversifying its geographical presence. In Santiago, the both lounges will welcome more than 280,000 passengers per year and the staff provide meet & assist services. We are glad to work on this project with Servicios Aeroportuarios which has more than 20-year experience in Chile.”

Servicios Aeroportuarios General Manager Ernesto Rios Castellon commented: “Servicios Aeroportuarios is a dominant established player in the Chilean market. Our cooperation with TAV Operation Services is based on a complementary collaboration and mutual benefits. The potential of Servicios Aeroportuarios, under the umbrella of TAV’s world class expertise in the business, will be a winning combination to establish a solid presence in the region”.

About TAV Operation Services

Operating at 23 airports in 13 countries, TAV Operation Services develops products and services such as operation of lounges, Meet & Assist services, marketing of advertisement and promotional areas, allocation of commercial areas, tourism agency and loyalty program membership at various airports, train stations, marine terminals and cruise terminals in Turkey and abroad. The company hosts 3 million passengers every year at the lounges and provide meet & assist services to 40,000 passengers. TAV Operation Services will open in 2017 new lounges at Frankfurt, Muscat, Copenhagen and Zürich airports with ‘primeclass’ brand.