Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV IT meets aviation authorities in Abu Dhabi and Cologne

Today, TAV Information Technologies (TAV IT) has operations in 31 airports on three continents by providing products and services and continues to expand its global operations focused on target regions. The company will introduce the products and services it develops in two separate fairs where the heart of the industry beats.

Having become one of the leading global brands specialized in airport IT solutions; TAV IT participates in Abu Dhabi Air Expo and Passenger Terminal Expo fairs, which are major events of the aviation sector. Abu Dhabi Air Expo, which will gather the aviation authorities of the Middle East which stand out by their recent airport investments and is listed amongst the target regions of TAV IT, will be held between Match 8th and 10th, 2016 in United Arab Emirates. Expected to welcome approximately 5,000 visitors from 90 countries this year, Passenger Terminal Expo will be held between March 15th and 17th, 2016 in Cologne, Germany.

TAV IT General Manager Binnur Güleryüz Onaranstated: “Providing integrated IT solutions in airport operation industry and undertaking projects at various regions of the world, TAV IT meets aviation authorities to promote its know-how. Exporting IT solutions with high added value, we are glad to have a contribution in Turkey's current position in global aviation industry. We are also proud to promote TAV IT's recently developed BRS (Baggage Reconciliation System) in these two important events. BRS is an innovative aviation solution that enables checking flight and passenger-baggage reconciliation while loading the baggage on the aircraft to increase flight safety and decrease lost baggage rates. Having the goal to achieve growth in five continents in terms of customers, services and employee portfolio, TAV IT has the purpose to maintain a high level of passenger satisfaction by simplifying the integration between the airlines, ground handling operators and terminal aviation systems within the airport. Therefore, we believe that the projects we have completed so far and the tenders we will be awarded will contribute to our company and TAV IT to have a more powerful position in the global aviation industry."

Established in 2005, TAV IT provides service to 31 airports and 21 companies at three continents. Having been awarded the $50 million communications technologies tender held for Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Building, which will be the world's largest terminal constructed under a single roof when completed, the company is currently getting prepared for large-scale and high-capacity airport tenders located around five continents.