Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Airports ranks at top in corporate governance

TAV Airports increased its corporate governance rating from 9.41 to 9.52 out of 10, consecutively improving its score for the seventh year

SAHA Rating, the leading Turkish corporate governance rating agency, announced TAV Airports’ corporate governance rating as 9.52. With this rating, TAV Airports continued to rank among the top companies listed on the BIST Corporate Governance Index.

TAV Airports Holding Head of Investor Relations Nursel İlgen expressed his satisfaction to have increased TAV’s rating for the seventh year in a row and stated ”Corporate Governance is being taken ever more seriously globally. As a company aiming to maximize value for all its stakeholders starting with our clients and employees, the corporate governance culture is obviously embedded in our DNA. Our seventh year of improving our rating and placing among the top rated Turkish companies clearly demonstrates this. “

In its seventh year of evaluation, TAV Airports increased its rating from 9.41 to 9.52 and kept its leading rank in the BIST Corporate Governance Index.

The ratings per each sub-category are as follows: