Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV welcomes international air traffic analysts in Istanbul

TAV Airports hosted annual meeting of “AT3-Airport Traffic Think Tank”, the subcommittee of Airports Council International (ACI). Traffic analysts from 20 countries presented air traffic forecasting at the meeting, which was held at Istanbul Atatürk Airport.

TAV Airports, the global player in airport operation business, hosted annual meeting of “AT3-Airport Traffic Think Tank”, which is the subcommittee of Airports Council International (ACI). 45 representatives of the airports in 20 countries from Canada to Nigeria, as well as ACI World, ACI Europe, State Airports Authority (DHMI) and TAV Airports participated in the two-day conference that was held at Atatürk Airport.

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Ünlü stated, "Airport operators need air traffic forecasting of specialists whilst defining their future strategies. According to ACI's data, in 2014, number of passengers increased 5.2 per cent worldwide compared to 2013. On the other hand, TAV achieved an increase of 14 per cent at 14 airports it operates. Receiving higher growth rates than the world average, we closely follow up the trends and global development of the sector in order to take correct steps and make adequate forecasts. We are glad to host the sector representatives at the annual meeting of AT3."

TAV Airports Marketing Director Aslıhan Çörtük made a presentation titled "Development of Istanbul Atatürk Airport". Explaining the qualifications of hub airports, Çörtük underlined how Atatürk Airport is fulfilling these criteria. During her presentation, she also informed about increasing airport traffic and the expansion works which are underway to meet the requirements.

International information exchange platform, AT3, which is the subcommittee of ACI Economics Committee, provides information exchange between traffic analysts from different airports every year on subjects such as data collection, traffic analysis and forecasting techniques, airport economy and customer behaviors.