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Press Releases

TAV Airports receives 'Internal Auditing Awareness' award

Accomplishing quality assurance assessment, TAV Airports Holding has received "Internal Auditing Awareness Award" of Institute of Internal Auditing, Turkey.

TAV Airports Holding is deemed worthy of "Internal Auditing Awareness Award" by the Institute of Internal Auditing, Turkey (TIDE) for operating as a company which carries out internal auditing activities in accordance with international standards creating awareness on the importance of internal auditing profession. TIDE Chairman Gürdoğan Yurtsever presented the award to TAV Airports Internal Auditing Director Altuğ Koraltan at the award ceremony.

TAV Airports Internal Auditing Director Altuğ Koraltan stated: "We are glad to receive awareness award from TIDE, which performs significant studies in order to improve and extend internal auditing practices in Turkey. Since 2010, TAV Airports has been operating in line with "International Internal Auditing Standards", which are determined by The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA). Having recertification of our compliance to the standards by PwC this year, we have received Quality Control Certificate. Internal Auditing has a notable role in managing companies with accountable and clear structures. We hope that our achievements will encourage many companies to implement auditing processes complying with the international standards."

Turkish representative of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), TIDE, presented 53 awards in 5 categories at "Awareness Award Ceremony", which was organized as part of "Awareness Month" events. Accomplishing quality assurance assessment, which was held by international auditing company PriceWaterhouseCoopers, TAV Airports is listed amongst the companies, which received awards in "Corporate Awareness" category. TAV received the award for the third time at the fifth award ceremony which was organized by TIDE.

Internal Auditing Directorate, which has become a part of the organizational structure of TAV Airports in 2008, performs audits on all the operational activities of the Holding and its subsidiaries.

The goal of the Institute of Internal Auditing, Turkey is pioneering the promotion and development of internal auditing profession by carrying out activities to achieve international standards in internal auditing.