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Press Releases

Removing the obstacles, Atatürk Airport to serve as a model in UN

TAV has become the first corporation to receive USTAD 2011:2015 certification, which is accredited by World Disability Union, for the work undertaken to make all services at Atatürk Airport accessible to disabled passengers. Atatürk Airport will be presented as "the best model" at the forum, which will be held at UN.

Operated by TAV Istanbul, Atatürk Airport, became the first institution which was audited and certificated by GlobalGroup for USTAD for 2011:2015 Environment and Construction Standard organized by World Disability Union (WDU) Technical Committee. "Obstacle Free" projects and practices which are realized at Atatürk Airport, will be presented as "the best model" during 8th UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Meeting, which will be held in UN headquarters in New York in June. Certificated in the Platinum Level, TAV was presented a plaque at the ceremony, which was held at Wow Hotel today.

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Ünlü, stated: “Airports, especially the ones which serve as connection hubs as Istanbul Atatürk Airport, must be accessible for everyone. As a result of the extensive work that has been carried out, Atatürk Airport, the entrance gate to Istanbul and Turkey, has now been improved to accommodate our disabled guests to receive the same services available to other visitors at all points. We are glad that these implementations' compliance with international standards were independently audited and certificated by World Disabled Union (WDU) and GlobalGROUP. We are proud that our implementations are presented as a model in UN level and we contribute to the studies to provide access for disabled people in every area of the life."

World Disabled Union Deputy Vice President Necdet Öztürk, said "The first and the most important obstacle for the disabled people are the faults and non-standard implementations within environment and structures. There are physical obstacles from education to health, employment to cultural and sportive areas in daily life. The reason of the obstacles are the lack of standard requirements in the implementations and services. Our target is generalizing USTAD standards, which are defined internationally in accordance to Disabled Law and UN Disability Rights Convention."

As part of the obstacle-free project, approximately 2 thousand running meters of tactile surfaces have been fitted within Istanbul Atatürk Airport Domestic and International terminals as well as in the car parks. Audio alert systems have been fitted in 38 lifts announcing floor information in Turkish and English. Heights of 19 pay phones have been re-adjusted to accommodate passengers in wheel-chairs. Five assistance points have been set up. A total of 800 hours of training have been given to 200 employees in order to increase efficiency of the service provided to disabled passengers. In addition, 250 employees received training in basic sign language. The passenger traffic at the airport increased 14 per cent in 2013, while the number of passengers using the system for disabled guests increased by 50 per cent.

Participated by more than 300 organizations in disability rights area from 75 countries, WDU is based in Istanbul. USTAD 2011:2015 was developed by World Disability Union in accordance with Disabled Law No. 5378, UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and UN World Programme of Action concerning Disabled Persons. The standards audit the convenience of the structures for the access of disabled persons.

8th UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities will be held between June 9th and 11th , 2015 in the headquarters of UN in New York. Turkey became a contracting party to the convention in 2009. The implementations at Atatürk Airport will be presented as the best model in the civil society forum, which will be organized in parallel to the meeting.