Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV President & CEO Sani Şener gives information about "Mega Airport Projects" in Paris

TAV Group President & CEO Şener has spoken at the Passenger Terminal Expo which gathers the leading brands of airport construction and operation worldwide. Şener highlighted the importance of integration and know-how in large airport projects referring to Abu Dhabi project.

Turkey’s leading global brand in airport design, finance, construction, and operations; TAV Group has participated in Passenger Terminal Expo which is held in Paris this year. Whilst TAV participated in the exhibition with the solutions it offers for airport operation sector, TAV President & CEO Sani Şener spoke during the conference which was attended by leaders of aviation sector. Şener made a presentation titled "Mega Airport Projects-Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal" at "Airport Design, Planning and Development" conference held at the very first day.

TAV Group President & CEO Sani Şener stated: "Large airport investments require high level of technological competence, engineering and organization skills. TAV has been focused on airport construction and operations since its foundation. We have aimed to specialize in these business lines and become one of the world's highly-preferred brands. Therefore, we are proud that we have taken part in Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal project that re-defined the standards of the airport sector. One of the unique aspects of this prestigious project is its effective use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) that provides to predict the possible problems that may be encountered at a 3D working environment. TAV architects and engineers are amongst a few industry professionals who can implement BIM technology in a large scale project. The know-how we possess and high-quality human resource are most important assets of TAV. We believe that we are a true representative of our country as a global brand preferred throughout the world."

21st Passenger Terminal Expo is being held between March 10th and 12th in Paris. Over 180 companies are promoting their products and solutions about airport design, construction and operations in the exhibition. Attended by business people, specialists, government and civil aviation officials throughout the world, the conference which is organized parallel to the exhibition has been followed by more than 200 representatives. During the panel discussion titled "Commercial Development, Concessions, Retail and Mass Communication Tools" to be held at the second day of the conference, TAV Operation Services General Manager Bora İşbulan will give information on TAV Passport, the successful loyalty program that TAV Airports integrated at the airports it operates. TAV IT also promotes its wide range of services and products such as analysis, design, consultancy, support and maintenance on a stand of 77 sqm. TAV participates in the exhibition and the conference with the experts from 14 airports it operates in 7 countries besides its subsidiaries like TAV IT and TAV Operation Services.

3 years ago, TAV Construction, which is the world's biggest airport construction company according to ENR, one of the most reputable publications in the sector, won the tender of Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal Project having a contract amount of 3 billion dollars. The new terminal at the airport of Abu Dhabi, the capital city of United Arab Emirates; one of the key stages of the expansion project of the airport, will be one of the most impressive architectural buildings of the world featuring an undulating roof, inclined facade and the use of advance technology. New terminal building will be able to provide high quality service to 27 million passengers per year and will have an area consisting of 702,000 square meters in total.