Press Releases

Press Releases

BTA opens up to the world from Atatürk Airport

Founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of TAV Airports to provide service at Atatürk Airport, BTA has won the tender for food & beverage services at Carthage Airport, in the capital city of Tunisia. Providing food & beverage services at international standards in 7 countries, BTA will expand its popular services to Carthage Airport following Enfidha and Monastir in Tunisia.

Being one of the leading companies of the food & beverage industry as a result of its financial size, investments, and operations, BTA has achieved a significant success in line with its international fast growth strategy. Providing services at Enfidha and Monastir airports in Tunisia, BTA has won the operation rights for food & beverage points at Carthage Airport, in the capital city, Tunisia. BTA has taken over the operation of two food & beverage points for 8 years.

BTA CEO Sadettin Cesur stated: "We have extended our journey that was initiated at Istanbul Atatürk Airport to 7 countries by providing service to over 90 thousand daily. We are now offering our experiences that we developed at the airports together with TAV to different airports worldwide. We took an important step by winning the tender for the food & beverage points at Carthage Airport, Tunisia. We will expand our brands, and business model, which is based on food safety, taste, and friendly service with to Carthage Airport. Number of points we are operating worldwide has increased to 248 with the tender. We increased our turnover 16 per cent in the first 9 months of 2014 when compared to the same period of the previous year. We will continue to search for new opportunities globally especially in our target region Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans and Caucasians during the next period. While increasing the productivity and the number of guests we serve at the existing points, we will operate to continue the double-digit growth by adding new points to our portfolio.

Approximately 5.1 million passengers a year

BTA is getting ready to renew two food &beverage points at Carthage Airport completely from decoration to menu before putting them into operation. Serving approximately 5.1 million passengers a year, Carthage Airport, the entrance gate of Tunisia, the capital of Tunisia, is amongst the biggest airports in African continent.

Increasing the number of airports it provides service in Tunisia to 3 with Carthage Airport, BTA also operates at Enfidha and Monastir airports in Tunisia, which provide service to approximately 3.4 million passengers.