Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV maintains its leading position in corporate governance

TAV Airports receives the highest rate of Turkey in "Board of Directors" category at the fifth award organization held by TKYD.

TAV Airports, the leading global brand of Turkey in airport operation, receives the highest rate of Turkey in "Board of Directors" category during the 5th award ceremony held by Corporate Governance Association of Turkey (TKYD). TAV has become the third company with the highest corporate governance rate in Turkey at the 5th Corporate Governance Awards.

TAV Airports Head of Investor Relations Nursel Ilgen stated “We are proud of maintaining our position at the top in Borsa Istanbul Corporate Governance Index for the last 5 years. Adopting the Corporate Governance Mentality as the corporate culture strengthens the relationship between the stakeholders and beneficiaries of the company and also affects the decision-making mechanism of boards of directors that shape the future of the company. Performance evaluation of the Board of Directors, adaptation program applied to new Board Members and active and efficient working performance of the committees of Board of Directors supported our improvement in this area and carried our rate in the Board of Directors category to the top."

Maintaining its leading position in corporate governance awards organized by TKYD in order to lead corporate governance principles gain wide currency, TAV Airports increased its Corporate Governance Rate from 9.1 to 9.41 in 2014.

TAV Airports Holding is also listed amongst 15 companies in Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index.