Press Releases

Press Releases

BTA comes to the city center from Maslak

Being one of the leading companies of the food & beverage industry, BTA has set foot in the city center with Foods in the Woods located at UNIQ Istanbul after establishing successful operations at the airports and maritime lines. The food court, which covers an area of 3,300 sqm by an investment of €2 million, offers a wide range of choices that appeal to all palates from Anatolian dishes to world cuisines.

BTA, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, aims to operate at city centers in the upcoming periods and started to achieve this goal by a first step at Uniq Istanbul in Maslak. Operating at 13 airports in seven countries, BTA has started offering delicious flavors to Istanbulites at Maslak in addition to its presence at IDO ports. As well as Tadında Anadolu and Cakes&Bakes brands of BTA, other restaurants, including Plus Kitchen, SushiCo and Burger Lab, will also provide F&B services under Foods in the Woods concept at UNIQ Istanbul, the new culture, art, business and entertainment center.

BTA CEO Sadettin Cesurstated: “This collaboration with Turkmall at Uniq Istanbul is a significant milestone in the growth story of BTA which has started its operations in 1999 at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Today BTA is operating at 13 airports in seven countries and 75 points at IDO piers. Daily 90,000 people prefer eating out at BTA restaurants. We expanded Cakes&Bakes production facility, which we started to supply products to famous coffee and fast food chains, by an investment of €5 million in 2014. In this way, our products meet consumers at approximately 2,000 points nationwide. We have created a strategy to have presence also within the city as BTA, besides our operations at airports and IDO piers. As a result of this strategy, we have entered into a major cooperation with Turkmall which is of great importance for us. Providing service with our own brands at Foods in the Woods concept of Uniq Istanbul with the know-how we have gained, we also established partnerships with world-renowned brands."

Cesur added "Having become a significant attraction center in a very short time by welcoming tremendous activities, we believe UNIQ İstanbul will fill a big gap in the city. We have created a concept that will meet all requirements of our guests. We gathered selected flavors from Anatolia and the world cuisine at BTA standards. Adapting this approach in the upcoming periods, we aim to carry out new collaborations with Turkmall."

Turkmall Vice Chairman Levent Eyüboğlu expressed: "We aim to introduce a new culture, art, and entertainment concept with UNIQ Istanbul to not just Istanbul but the whole of Turkey. We believe that UNIQ Istanbul will be a new attraction center in terms of culture, art, and entertainment habits with its activities that address to all age groups.

UNIQ Istanbul, which we put into operation with an investment of €100 million, will combine culture, art and entertainment with our daily lives through concert and performance halls, museums, exhibition halls, galleries, and stage trucks having different concepts. Our guests will listen to world-renowned stars, visit the museums that will be opened from Istanbul to the attention of the whole world and enjoy themselves at indoor and outdoor Foods in the Woods restaurants of UNIQ Istanbul, which will be hosting different events every day. UNIQ Istanbul will also be popular amongst families. Our guests can attend a workshop or go trekking with their children after beginning the day with the morning coffee.”

Levent Eyüboğlu underlined that UNIQ Istanbul's strength is based on the collaboration of industry leaders. Eyuboğlu added "The brands BTA carried to UNIQ Istanbul with Foods in the Woods concept will offer unforgettable experiences to our guests by providing them several tastes."

Around 20 brands under one roof

Providing service with almost 20 food & beverage brands, Foods in the Woods embodies Tadında Anadolu, Cakes&Bakes, Kantin and TickerDaze brands of BTA, as well as carefully selected various brands such as Plus Kitchen, Rossopomodoro, Kivahane, Caffe Vergnano 1882, Kapta, SushiCo, New York Fries, Wine&More, Chill Box, Juice Box, Ortaköy Waffle Park and Burger Lab. Creating a privileged resting location with its addictive concept, Foods in the Woods passionately endeavors to offer a relaxing and cozy atmosphere for its guests to help them get away from the stress of the city with their experienced staff.

Established by Turkmall, Uniq Istanbul, the new culture, art, business and entertainment center in Maslak, features concert and exhibition halls as well as office areas. Uniq Istanbul stands out with its architecture surrounded by nature and its closeness to business centers and universities.