Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Airports ranks at the top in corporate governance

TAV Airports increased its corporate governance rating to 9.41 from 9.17 at the BIST Corporate Governance Index. ISS Corporate Services, one of the world's pioneer corporate rating companies, has announced TAV Airports' governance rating as 9.41; 10 being the highest.

ISS Corporate Services increased TAV Airports’ corporate governance rating to 9.41. TAV Airports Holding secured the second place amongst the 48 companies at the Borsa Istanbul Corporate Governance Index.

TAV Airports Investor Relations Director Nursel İlgen said “We have been rated on our corporate governance practices for the sixth time this year and one more time we managed to increase our rating score. With this score, while we kept true to our standing among the best governed Turkish companies, we also demonstrated once more the sustainability of our success in corporate governance practices.

We operate 14 airports in seven countries. Through our operations, we contribute to the near geographies, particularly the cities that we operate airports. We are in pursuit of direct and indirect economic, social and environmental benefits. Therefore we see good corporate governance and sustainability as core practices in our day to day operations. I’m very pleased that our efforts have been recognized by authorized agencies according to objective criteria.”

According to the rating methodology defined by the Capital Markets Board the results of the rating under sub sections of TAV Airports’ shareholders, public disclosures and transparency, stakeholders, and board of directors are as follows: