Press Releases

Press Releases

Discounted TAV Comfort Lounge pleasure at the airports for the MasterCard holders

With the partnership aiming to provide MasterCard holders privilege and comfort, the Lounges operated by TAV Operation Services at Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bodrum airports offer pleasant journeys to MasterCard holders with up to 60% discount.

August 5th, 2014, Istanbul – MasterCard and TAV Airports have established a major cooperation that transforms the air transportation into pleasant experiences. With the cooperation that will add comfort to flights, the MasterCard holders will benefit from discounts up to 60% at TAV Lounges within Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bodrum airports.

The passengers having MasterCard only need to pay with their MasterCard when they use TAV Comfort Lounges. The cooperation of MasterCard and TAV also offers advantages during the service requests of exclusive meet&assist services provided at the airports by TAV during domestic and international flights. MasterCard holders also benefit from other surprises and advantages at TAV Comfort Lounges throughout the year.

Regarding the cooperation with TAV Operation Services, MasterCard Southeast Europe General Manager Mete Güney stated "Our country achieves steady and strong growth every year in terms of number of international passengers according to MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index that we have performed for the fourth time this year. The data of growth is not limited with international visitors. Turkey also achieves growth in domestic tourism and the researches show that the growth will continue until the end of this year. "MasterIndex Summer Holidays Research" that we performed in 2011 revealed that holiday primarily meant visiting relatives and the villages to our people. When the participants were asked about their dream cross-border destinations for holiday, 33 per cent of the answers were having holidays in big cities such as New York, London and Paris and the people would substantially like to travel by bus. We have entered into a new period in which more tourists visit Turkey, more citizens prefer air transportation for their domestic and international travels, and air transportation is now easier to access and has grown. We have expanded our current strategic cooperation with TAV in this new period to meet the increasing expectations of our customers. We will continue to offer the key to the pleasant journeys to MasterCard Holders, unique advantages for our passengers to experience easier and faster traveling with our innovative solutions and new collaborations in the following period.”

TAV Operation Services General Manager Bora Işbulan stated "Operating 3 lounges in Germany as well as the services provided at the airports operated by TAV, TAV Operation Services welcomes approximately 2.7 million guests in a year at the lounges it operates. Approximately 40,000 people prefer our CIP Meet & Assist service per year. We are happy to offer our privileges to MasterCard holders on the second year of our corporation. We have also developed a number of additional projects that enable fast-track and increased comfort for our special guests. As TAV Airports took over the operation, we have also introduced our MasterCard cooperation at Milas-Bodrum Airport as well as Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboğa and Izmir Adnan Menderes airports. Furthermore, we are planning to spread our cooperation with MasterCard to a larger area within the scope of our operations in Germany as well as empowering it with the activities towards every sector of tourism and airport operations. I wish all of our guests highly comfortable journeys."