Press Releases

Press Releases

BTA aims for the top with a new production site built with an investment of 5 million Euros

As one of the leading companies of the food & beverage industry thanks to its financial size, investments and operations, BTA has raised the bar with its new production area, built with an investment of 5 million Euros. Having established a Cakes&Bakes production facility in Kıraç in an area of 23,000 sqm which provides service for the world's leading brands, the capacity of the Cakes&Bakes brand has increased five-fold. Cakes&Bakes grew 25 per cent in the first quarter of 2014. With a new, giant production area, BTA will be located at the city center in addition to its continuing presence at the airports and IDO ports.

Serving at a variety of locations which host a total of 135 million people annually at 10 airports in five countries as well as the IDO ports, BTA has set its targets high for 2014. BTA welcomes approximately 90,000 passengers daily at cafes, bars, restaurants and buffets within the airports and IDO ports, totaling 225 outlets, and BTA has increased its capacity fivefold with its new production premises at Kıraç. Cakes&Bakes grew 25 per cent in the first quarter of 2014 while BTA established a giant production site with an area of 23,000 sqm to provide service for the world's leading brands, investing 5 million Euros.

BTA held a press conference on Friday, June 27th regarding the new production facility, its projects and targets. Speaking at the press meeting, BTA CEO Sadettin Cesur provided details about their targets.

200 new jobs

BTA has 3,000 employees including its domestic and international operations. 650 people work at the Cakes&Bakes Production Facility of BTA at Kıraç. BTA CEO Sadettin Cesur stated that 200 new jobs were created during the transition period from the airport to the new facility. The new premises produce baked products, cakes, breads, sandwiches, hot & cold meals and Turkish delight. 1 million products per food group are produced in a month. They also produce 90 tons of Turkish delight per month.

Products from the facility meet consumers at 2,000 locations of world-renowned coffee and fast food chains all around Turkey. The products are also exported to other countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Georgia, Tunisia, and Macedonia. Sadettin Cesur explained that 45 per cent of the production went to the airport operations, 10 per cent to IDO ports and the remaining 45 per cent went to 58 other brands including famous fast-food and coffee chains of Turkey. The Cakes&Bakes Production Facility is operational 24/7, 365 days a year. With experienced and competent Research & Development staff, BTA produces around 2,400 new recipes a year, together with its specialized personnel including more than 500 chefs and food engineers. Additionally, breakfast and sandwich products from the Cakes&Bakes premises are now delivered under a new sub-brand, packaged and offered for sale in chain stores.

Raising the bar in 2014 to be located in city centers

Still setting highly ambitious targets, BTA raised the bar for 2014 and beyond. Achieving a turnover of 115 million Euros in 2012 and around 127 million Euros in 2013, BTA aims to sustain this growth increase in 2014 and become a leading company of the food & beverage industry. BTA wants to participate in large scale projects in the city center with its brands.

BTA has undertaken the operation of the food & beverage courts of UNIQ Istanbul, the new culture and art center in Maslak. With an area of 3,300 sqm, there will be BTA brands as well as the leading chain brands from around the world. BTA CEO Cesur highlighted that BTA was ready to engage in similar partnerships in many city centers.

Increasing the number of airports being served within the country and abroad

Cesur added that they were gearing up to operate brands like Tadında Anadolu, Seferi, etc. at four points within the Milas-Bodrum Airport. He explained that Milas-Bodrum Airport will be the 11th airport at which they provide service. Highlighting that they had started operations at Madinah Airport abroad as well as Georgia, Macedonia and Tunisia, Cesur remarked that they had been providing consultancy services at Zagreb Airport and that they would start operations at Riga Airport during the beginning of 2015.

Together with the new logistics company, BTA is interested in undertaking the supply processes of leading brands of the industry

BTA has established a new company which operates only in the area of integrated logistics. Focused on integrated supply chain solutions, BTA logistics has begun to provide planning, purchasing, storage and distribution services at the food & beverage courts of the airports and IDO ports. This initiative has decreased the costs for purchasing raw materials by 2 per cent and increased productivity. Stating that they were interested in undertaking the supply processes of 5-star hotels and leading brands of the industry, Mr. Cesur underlined that their primary goals were Ankara, Izmir and Antalya after 2014. Cesur said "Our new company will also grow quickly in the out-of-home consumption industry. We have signed dealership and distribution agreements with our country's leading food brands. We are offering a solution partnership system that can completely and in a timely manner meet every product/service requirement of a restaurant/cafe or hotel from a single supplier."

TAV Airport Hotel opens in Izmir

Operating TAV Airport Hotel located within Istanbul Atatürk Airport, BTA will apply the same concept at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. Explaining that the hotel in Istanbul, with 128 rooms and providing hourly accommodation in addition to daily rates, has attracted significant interest from the passengers, Cesur stated that the hotel in Izmir will have 81 rooms and open for operation during the last quarter of the year.

Investing in human resources

Emphasizing that BTA is a young and dynamic company; Cesur added that the average age of the employees is 30.2 and added: "Our most precious capital is our human resources. We invest in the personal and professional development of our staff. Gaining experience at BTA, our colleagues are appointed to significant positions within the sector, and we are very proud of this." Stating that the company was focused on innovation and continued development, Cesur added that every year they provided 15 hours of training on the average to each member of staff.