Press Releases

Press Releases

CEO Panel as part of the World Women's Day celebrations, was attended by GE Turkey President and General Manager Canan Özsoy and TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener.

GE Turkey and TAV highlight the impact of women on the economy during the CEO Panel held as part of the World Women's Day celebrations.
• GE Turkey and TAV organized a CEO Panel on Wednesday 12th of March as part of the World Women's Day celebrations. The Panel was attended by GE Turkey President and General Manager Canan Özsoy and TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener.
• Along with the GE and TAV executives, approximately 100 employees from both companies also attended the panel.
• The panel focused on recruitment of women in Turkey and discussed the contributions of women to the economy and the obstacles preventing more women making careers.

Istanbul, Turkey; March 12th, 2014: Executives and employees from General Electric (GE) and TAV attended the CEO Panel titled "The economic value and importance of women's contribution to the economy, requirements to increase the contribution" which was jointly organized by both companies on Wednesday 12th of March as part of the International Women's Day celebrations.

During the panel, GE Turkey President and General Manager Canan Özsoy and TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener expressed their views and answered the questions raised by the attendees.

The discussion topics of the panel were paving the way for women who are leading actors in increasing the level of welfare in our society and shape the change, enable them to materialize their ideas and the steps to be taken in order to increase the level participation of women in working life in Turkey. The panel also highlighted the support needed in our country to provide full economic equality for women, enable them to strengthen their families and communities they live in as well as providing them equal opportunities in benefiting from the economic growth.

Emphasizing the importance of the recruitment of women in the rapidly changing global business cycle, Canan Özsoy said "Involvement of more women, who are traditionally assigned the role of a house wife, in business, helped their personal development as well as the companies when they go through a positive transformation. Today, the contribution of the ambitious, hardworking and determined women to business life as a role model is an encouraging in terms of the increase in the recruitment of women. However, the level of recruitment of women is still much lower than men. In this respect, the obstacles that women face must be eliminated and the active role of women in business life must be increased in order that Turkey can be one of the top 10 economies in the world. As GE, we hold more than 25 seminars and events every year through our GE's Women's Network organization that we set up in 2003, to enable our female employees to develop their careers. Women work force is very important for us in GE World. We support all efforts carried out to reveal the huge potential of women in our country."

TAV Airports President & CEO Sani Şener said "We have approximately 58.500 employees within TAV Group. We also have over 1000 managers. I would particularly like to emphasize that 20% of our managers are women. The rate of women in the graduate and post graduate category is 41 per cent. This is an important data for showing the position of women, who contribute to the economy, in our corporation. In 2014, we raised the level of women in all our recruitment to 37 per cent. Since 2012, we have undertaken an active role in Equal Opportunities at Work Platform led by the Ministry of Family and Social Affairs. We believe in equality of men and women and try to assign the right people to the right positions. İf two candidates have same qualifications; we give priority to women due to the existing inequality in our country. This year, we plan to qualify for the Equal Opportunities Model certification by working with Kagider (Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey). Through the work we carry out, we want to become a model corporation increasing the awareness on this issue in our country.