Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Aviation Minds reaffirms its quality

In an effort to increase the overall quality and efficiency of airports worldwide through the development of comprehensive solutions, TAV Aviation Minds has qualified to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate.

Institutionalizing the know-how of TAV Airports, the leading global brand in the airport operations sector, to make it accessible for airports and civil aviation authorities all around the world, TAV Aviation Minds has reaffirmed its quality by qualifying to receive the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate after the audit of BSI (British Standards Institution).

TAV Aviation Minds develops and provides trainings and consultancy services for airport operations management and business as well as providing tailor made programs for institutions to increase their efficiency in the areas where these services are implemented.

TAV Aviation Minds has an integrated perspective of development which is distinct from other development centers, implementing a corporate development program approach rather than trainings that are attended by employees individually. Within this context, airport personnel are admitted to the program in groups which are separated according to their responsibilities and level of implementation authority. Attending the programs as a group makes it easier to implement the training at target airports and develops a common language amongst the members of the management team.

Founded in partnership with TAV Academy and Lebanese Aviation Minds in 2013, TAV Aviation Minds realized its first project at Madinah Airport, Saudi Arabia. The training and development programs designed by TAV Aviation Minds have recently been listed in the Chinese Civil Aviation Association Training Catalog.

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