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Press Releases

Sani Sener receives “Aviation Hero” award in France

TAV Airports CEO Sani Sener was selected as the most prominent leader of the past 20 years in the airport operation industry during the Global Airport Development Conference held in Nice, France.

TAV Airports CEO Sani Sener was voted the most prominent leader of the sector by 400 delegates attending the Global Airport Development (GAD) Conference which brought airport operators, contractors, consultants and finance organizations together. The 20th GAD Conference also featured the honorary awards which were presented for the first time in five categories. Sani Sener was presented the "Industry Hero" award for his qualities of displaying an outstanding performance without compromising from the integral strategy and clear vision both during good and challenging times.

TAV Airports Chief Executive Officer Sani Sener said “We are honored to be receiving such an award in GAD Conference which is one of the most effective meetings for investors and airport operators. Since the beginning of 1990’s, when the airport privatizations have begun, this event has been a major platform where the private sector shares its experiences in order to develop suitable strategies and models. Turkey has initially missed the globalization process however caught up during the 2000’s. Then, it achieved a rapid growth during the past 10 years through the successful privatization and liberalization policies implemented particularly in the aviation sector. TAV progressed with this growth behind it and become one of the global leaders of the airport industry. This award is the recognition of the success of the Turkish aviation sector and TAV Family consisting of 50,000 employees of 27 different nationalities”.

This year’s GAD Conference was held in Nice, France with the participation of more than 100 airports and 50 investment firms from 40 countries. The conference took place at Le Meridien Hotel between 4th and 7th of November, where different topics were discussed including the changing structure and growth potentials of airports, improvement of passenger experience and airport finance.

Recently, Sani Sener was also appointed to the ACI World Board of Directors to represent Europe. ACI World has 1751 member airports from 174 countries.