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Press Releases

TAV CEO Şener selected to ACI World Governing Board

TAV Airports CEO&President Sani Şener will represent the European region at ACI World Governing Board –the global industrial body of world’s airports. ACI represents 573 members that operate 1751 airports in 174 countries.

Turkey’s leading global brand in airport management and operations, TAV Airports will represent the European region at the board of the airport industry’s top organization, Airports Council International (ACI World). TAV Airports CEO & President, Dr. Sani Şener was unanimously selected by the Board of ACI Europe to represent the European region at the Governing Board of ACI World starting January 1, 2014. ACI World is the leading airport industry organization that represents and advances the collective interests of 1,751 airports around the world, accounting for 95% of global air traffic. This is the first time a Turkish national joins the ACI Governing Board. TAV operates at 12 airports in six countries, including Istanbul Ataturk Airport – the fastest growing airport in its category in the region.

“ACI member airports serve more than 5.2 billion passengers and 63 million flights every year” said, Dr. Sani Şener, CEO & President of TAV Airports.

“These figures are expected to double by 2030, mainly driven by traffic growth in emerging markets. In order to sustain this growth and maximize economic and social benefits to the countries and communities they serve, the airport industry is faced with a diverse number of challenges. As the voice of the world’s airports, ACI is responsible for articulating and advocating forward policies related to airport development, economics, safety and security, and environmental issues as well trainings and information sharing, which enables its members to meet collective industry challenges and realize benefits. As a proud Turkish national, I am honored to be nominated to represent the European region at the ACI World Governing Board. I am committed to rely on our experience as the fastest growing aviation market in the region for consecutive years, and will leverage this with the combined know-how and expertise of all my colleagues from around the world in order to articulate and advocate our policies for the overall benefit of the airports industry.”

Furthermore, TAV Airports North Africa Director Haluk Bilgi is nominated to ACI Africa Board. TAV operates two airports, Enfidha and Monastır in Tunisia. ACI Africa represents 200 airports in 47 countries.

Istanbul growing as a hub

Based in Montreal, ACI World is present in five geographical regions; namely ACI Africa, ACI Europe, ACI North America, ACI Asia-Pacific and ACI Latin America-Caribbean. In addition, ACI World acts as the representative of airports at ICAO, the UN agency on civil aviation.

Previous to this nomination to ACI World, Mr. Şener has been a member of the board at ACI Europe since 2009. In June 2013, both ACI World and ACI Europe had convened their annual meetings in Istanbul, Turkey. More than 800 top airport executives met in Istanbul, TAV Airports as their host. Based TAV Airports HQ in Istanbul, TAV Academy is certified as one of ACI’s global training centers.