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Press Releases

TAV Airports maintains its leading position in corporate governance

TAV Airports managed to increase its corporate governance grade to 9.39 from last year’s 9.24 over 10. ISS Corporate Services, one of the world's pioneer corporate rating companies, has announced TAV Airports' governance rating as 9.39; 10 being the highest.

ISS Corporate Services, one of the world’s most prestigious independent corporate ranking organizations, increased TAV Airports’ corporate governance rating to 9.39. Following the rating, TAV Airports Holding secured the top position at Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Corporate Governance Index amongst 44 companies. TAV Airports was the highest scoring company at Corporate Governance Index in 2012 too.

Stating her appreciation of the increase in the last year’s corporate governance rating like the previous years, TAV Airports Investor Relations Director Nursel Ilgen said ”We are a company who operates based on sustainability in every work and project we undertake just as we do in environmental, economic and social activities at 12 airports we operate. The increase in our corporate governance rating that has been reviewed for the past five years is a clear indication of our sustainable structure and awareness in corporate governance. The corporate governance and sustainability mentality will remain an integral part of the corporate culture of TAV Airports and our 24,000 employees who strive to create more reliable and foreseeable future to our country, stakeholders and all shareholders”.

In the fifth year review, TAV Airports maintained its leading position at the Istanbul Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Index, where 44 companies are traded, by increasing its grade from 9.24 to 9.39 over 10, the highest grade. In the context of relevant principle decision, Capital Market Board released the results of the rating under sub sections of TAV Airports’ shareholders, public disclosures and transparency, stakeholders, and board of directors:

Sub-Categories Weight Grade Grade Assigned Shareholders 0,25 92,62 9,26 Public Disclosures and Transparency 0,35 96,59 9,65 Stakeholders 0,15 94,53 9,45 Board of Directors 0,25 91,31 9,13 Total 1,00 93,97 9,39