Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV expands its know-how overseas through "TAV Aviation Minds”

TAV Aviation Minds aims to increase the overall quality and efficiency of its airports through the development of comprehensive solutions.

TAV Academy, the development center for 23,000 TAV Airport Holding employees, has institutionalized its expertise, making it accessible globally for the development of airports, civil aviation authorities and the airport operations industry. Operating since 2006, TAV Academy is now institutionalized and has completed the process of incorporation. TAV Academy has transformed the know-how and experience it has acquired within the 12 TAV airports in 8 countries and 20 affiliated companies into training and development solutions with the contribution of its resident teachers, experienced managers and as a result of the collaborations it has established with universities. It has now taken a further step and started operating under the brand name of TAV Aviation Minds in its target market in the Middle East and North Africa.

TAV Academy Coordinator Ezgi Kadioglu stated, “The global civil aviation sector continues to grow, bringing together an increasing level of investment and expectations in terms of operational service and high quality service in terminal operations. This growth in the sector leads to an increased demand for quality manpower. As TAV Academy, we founded the company TAV Aviation Minds with the goal of creating a platform where this demand within a developing sector is supported in the best way with knowledge and experience. We aim to support the development of airports in our target region.”

TAV Aviation Minds aims to increase the overall quality and efficiency of its airports through the development of comprehensive solutions. TAV Aviation Minds has an integrated perspective on development which is different from other development centers. It implements a “development program” approach rather than trainings that are attended by employees individually. It aims to segment employees on the basis of their decision-making skills and levels of authority, and develops them as teams. Attending the programs as a team makes it easier to implement the training at target airports and develops a common language amongst the members of the management team.

All development programs start with an assessment of both the airports and human resources through specifically designed approaches. In this way, the strengths of the airports and areas requiring improvement are determined and reported. Then, the most suitable development program is selected amongst the basic and elective modules in line with the outcome of the assessment. One of the most distinctive success criteria of TAV Aviation Minds is the frequent use of on-the-job-training. One month long classroom training on Airport Management & Efficiency Development (AMED) is followed by a month long on-the-job-training process i.e. “the best practice.” After that, the participant works on implementing the development actions at the duty airport under the leadership of the TAV Aviation Minds Program Coordinator. These versatile training methods and the development process being based on real job requirements are very significant in terms of measuring the results at the end of the program.

The first project in the Holy Land

TAV Aviation Minds initiated its first project at Medinah Airport in Saudi Arabia, which is operated by TIBAH Opco Co. The project aims to develop the overall performance of employees in line with investments made for the expansion of Medinah Airport. As part of the project, a special training program will also be given for the development of the prospective managers. The New Medinah Airport, having TAV Airports as a partner with 33% shares in construction and operations, is very important for TAV Aviation Minds. Beyond TAV Aviation Minds trainings, a Professional Development Certificate Program will also be given as part of the project.

TAV Aviation Minds and its development programs have already been attracting significant interest from authorities at several airports in the Middle East and North Africa whose civil aviation sectors are expected to grow at double digit rates. TAV Aviation Mind trainings are anticipated to be carried out in many countries within the region in the near future.

TAV Aviation Minds international trainings continue along with accreditation trainings.