Press Releases

Press Releases

The New TAV Passport Card Aims to Appeal to Frequent Travelers and Those Who Demand Full-scale Convenience!

TAV Passport Card which was launched by TAV Airports, Turkey’s leading global brand in airport operations, in order to offer boutique services to passengers at terminals has gained 10,000 members in 2.5 years. And now, a new program has been initiated to offer unlimited exclusive services to limited number of members with TAV Passport Edition Card.

TAV Operation Services, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, initiated a loyalty program for a limited number of 1000 passengers. The program was developed in consideration of passenger requirements and field surveys. TAV Passport Edition Card which offers speed, comfort and privilege at airports aims to appeal to mainly frequent travelers. The new program upgrades the privileges currently offered to 10,000 TAV Passport Card holders who have become members within the past 2.5 years.

TAV Operation Services General Manager Eda Bildiricioglu said: “In 2001, we established “primeclass” CIP Service in order to offer privileged services on land. This service which met the speed and comfort requirements of our guests who particularly travel frequently became very popular. This interest prompted us to offer the same services in form of an annual membership package therefore, we developed TAV Passport Card. We achieved 90 per cent customer satisfaction on this program. The membership renewal rate within the past 2.5 years is 80 per cent. TAV Passport became a global brand offering services in more than 100 countries through collaborations made so far. Now, we started to offer unlimited service to a limited number of members with TAV passport Edition Card which incorporates all our know-how that we accumulated.”

TAV Passport Edition Card offers many privileges including fast track at passport and security control points, unlimited and complimentary airport transfer, car park and valet services, access to private passenger lounges nationwide and overseas, transfer to gates with ring vehicles, personal assistance at airports and discounts at duty-free stores. One adult and children accompanied by a member also benefit from these services. TAV Passport Card Program which precedes TAV Passport Edition Card has rapidly grown in a short period of time as a result of huge interest in the program. Here is the member profile:
• Majority of members are 30-55 year old males with high income
• In addition to members who are from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, 15 per cent live abroad
• Card holders fly 15 times a year in average.
• Membership renewal rate is above 80 percent. Different privileges are offered to existing members as part of the loyalty scheme.
• Approximately 150 personnel works for the program. The total number of people employed by TAV Operation Services is 345; average age is 31, 62 per cent is female, 38 per cent is male.
• The revenue gained from TAV Passport Card constitutes 15 per cent of the company’s turn-over.

For further information on TAV Passport Card and TAV Passport Edition Card and membership conditions please phone our call center on 444 25 755 or visit our website