Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Gallery hosts the “History of Commercial Aviation in Turkey” Exhibition

Located at Istanbul Ataturk Airport International Terminal, the culture-art platform TAV Gallery hosted an opening ceremony to present passengers the oil paintings produced by the famous painter Cumhur Koralturk featuring the history of the commercial aviation in Turkey. The opening reception was attended by Ataturk Airport Civilian Administration Manager Ali Bakoglu, DHMI (State Airports Authority) Senior Manager Celal Ozugur and TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu.

“The History of Commercial Aviation in Turkey” exhibition was opened at TAV Gallery, the culture-art platform at Istanbul Ataturk Airport operated by TAV Airports. The opening ceremony was also attended by many guests. The exhibition which showcases the oil paintings of the aircraft landing at Istanbul Ataturk and Ankara Esenboga airports between 1950 and 2012 provides an insight to the history of civil aviation in Turkey. The pieces were produced by the famous painter Cumhur Koralturk under the organization of FlyService CEO Gokhan Sarigol.

During his speech at the opening ceremony, Ataturk Airport Civil Administration Manager Ali Bakoglu highlighted the importance of portraying the commercial aviation history and conveying it to the new generations and said “I would like to thank everyone who contributed in this exhibition which passes the history on to the future generations. The value that TAV puts onto art and the artists also deserves credit.”

TAV Istanbul General Manager Kemal Unlu said “We are very happy to host such an important exhibition at TAV Gallery which we have founded with the goal to establish a culture art platform at the international terminal where so many passengers from different countries come together. I believe that these painting that came alive with Cumhur Koralturk’s brush and provide an insight to the development and transformation of the commercial aviation in Turkey will attract huge interest from our passengers.”

During their speech, FlyService CEO Gokhan Sarigol and the painter Cumhur Koralturk also thanked all who contributed to the process.

Besides Turkish Airlines, the exhibition showcases oil paintings of many airlines including Olympic Air, Japan Airlines, Air France and British Airways. A total of 70 oil paintings are exhibited which interprets different aircraft such as the DC10 and F28. The exhibition will be open to visitors at TAV Gallery until the second week of March.

Brought up in a family involved in navigation, Cumhur Koralturk usually paints the history of maritime and our social lives through ships focusing on transportation as a main concept. Using gouache and oil paint in an extraordinary subtlety, Koralturk is one of the most respected painters, renown by his distinct style and skill of using colors and shades in fine strikes.