Press Releases

Press Releases

More privileges to TAV investors at airports besides the stock market

Through the “Shareholder Promotion Program” initiated in collaboration with Central Registry Agent, TAV Airports offers numerous gifts, discounts and special promotions to its investors based on the time periods they retain their shares.

TAV Airports, the leading global brand of Turkey in airport operations, rewards its investors retaining a thousand shares or more since its public offering by giving them one year “TAV Passport Card” membership. Investors will be able to take advantage of various promotions depending on the time period they retain their TAVHL shares. Through this promotion it initiated in collaboration with Central Registry Agency (MKK), TAV Airports also supports the work carried out in order to increase the number of conscious investors who have long-term vision.

TAV Airports Holding Chief Executive Officer Sani Sener said “As a global brand in airport operations, TAV Airports is currently active in 12 countries across three continents with over 20,000 employees. It has always been our top priority to provide good management, better financial and operational results in return for the trust and value put into our company by our investors who have been by our side through this journey. As a company who has the highest current Corporate Governance Grade at Istanbul Stock Exchange Market (ISE) besides other achievements, we work hard to fulfill our responsibility in this respect. This project that we realized in collaboration with Central Registry Agency is a way of our saying ‘thank you’ to our investors who put their savings into our company by trusting TAV’s future. As a company who is also aware of the value and importance of the small investors, we are supporting the work carried out in order to encourage conscious and long-term investment.”

Central Registry Agency (MKK) General Manager Yakup Engincan stated that they built a bridge between companies and their shareholders, that will provide fast, continuous, reliable and standard exchange of information based on direct internet, electronic communication and mobile application. He said that this was managed by a Corporate Governance and Investor Relation portal (e-MANAGE) which is a component of e-MKK Information Portal. Engincan thanked SPK and TAV Airports and said that he hoped the number of “shareholder promotions” offered to investors would increase with the support by companies like TAV Airports who believe the importance of corporate governance and investor relations.

As part of the “Shareholder Promotion Program”, the real person investors who retain 1,000 or more TAV Airports Holding shares for a period of one year or longer from December 3rd 2012 retrospectively, will be able to take advantage of 50 % discount off "TAV Passport Card" annual subscription fee for a year.

Besides the complimentary TAV Passport membership for a year, the real person investors who retain 1,000 or more TAV Airports Holding shares continuously since the public offering will also be able to have the opportunity meet the senior management. Investors who qualify for the application criteria can apply via e-MANAGE system in order to take advantage of the promotions. Applicants will be contacted by TAV Airports Holding for confirmation to participate in the promotions.

TAV Passport is a special membership program which provides speed, comfort, and exclusivity to card holders during their travels they will make from the airports operated by the TAV Airports. TAV Passport Card offers many privileges to members including discounted airport-city transfers, private arrival gates at terminals, business check-in, private passport and security pass points, lounges, discounts at duty-free etc.