Press Releases

Press Releases

“Passenger Information System” from TAV IT begins Service at Ataturk Airport

The “Passenger Information System” developed by TAV IT is brought into use of passengers at Ataturk Airport. With the kiosks of “Passenger Information System” which enable passengers to access all sorts of necessary information ranging from address descriptions to the weather forecasts, life would be much easier at the airport.

“Passenger Information System,” a new product of TAV IT Services, is now in use at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. The system, which is open for use at a total of 14 kiosks in “hotspots” on the Arrival and Departure Floors of the International and Domestic Terminals at Ataturk Airport, allow passengers to easily access practical information on the interactive touch screens.

TAV IT General Manager Binnur Güleryüz Onaran states that with the newly developed product, life will be much easier for passengers at the airport. She also noted, “We have put the product, software of which was developed by the TAV IT team, in use for the first time at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. With this product we aim to keep the passenger satisfaction and comfort at the maximum level in parallel with the high quality service that we offer to our customers at the airport.”

Thanks to the new application, which aims to reduce the complexity of airports, passengers are now able to enlist the services in the Domestic and International Terminals of Ataturk Airport and monitor the route to their desired destination on the map. The system also shows an alternate route map if the user desires in order to provide handicapped passengers with more comfortable transportation in the airport. The application saves time by showing the passengers the route map to their departure gate after they scan their boarding pass on the barcode reader.

In addition to the route maps, the application also displays news, weather forecasts and intercity transportation facilities. Furthermore, questionnaires and forms that allow passengers and their acquaintances to submit their assessments and suggestions on the quality of service offered at the airport are available on the system.