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Press Releases

TAV Airports' image trailer returns home from Cannes with an award!

TAV Airports takes the stage at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, Europe's largest and the world’s leading event in the field of corporate films, commercials and documentaries. Focusing on the question of “What would happen if TAV didn’t exist?” the trailer features life suddenly stopping at the airport.

Turkey’s leading global brand in the airport operations sector, TAV Airports received the Silver Dolphin award at Cannes, the heart of the European film industry. Judged by a panel of directors, producers and academicians, 666 projects from 35 countries competed at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards and the awards were presented to winners at a ceremon. During the ceremony held at Palm Beach, Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargul accepted the award on behalf of TAV Airports. Featuring behind the scenes activities of airport operations, the film shows life coming to a standstill to find the answer to the question of “What would happen if TAV didn’t exist?” Produced by Dreambox and directed by Dutchman Louis Van Zwol, the trailer’s director of photography was Steve Walker. The film emphasizes TAV's mission to make traveling easier.

TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargul said, “As TAV Airports, we work in order to transform service into art and make traveling fast, comfortable and fun. The trailer in which we feature our operation areas also emphasized this. We operate at 12 airports in six countries and we are involved in all areas of airport operations. We manage a very hectic atmosphere as we offer 24/7 service to millions of passengers and hundreds of thousands of aircraft. We are very happy that our trailer, which features behind the scenes activities of such a detailed and sophisticated operation in a humorous way, has received this award. We are particularly proud to be receiving this award at Cannes, widely considered to be the very heart of the art of cinema. We are happy to take the stage here as a Turkish brand.”

The judging panel at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards, which was participated in by the leading companies and agencies of the continent including The Coca-Cola Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG, Deutsche Bank AG and McCann Paris, consisted of;

Nikolai A. Behr (President, the Corporate TV Association), Anne-Claude Benhamiche (Director), Peter Claridge (Director), Philippe Dorison (Director, Compagnie Des Réales), Hannes Gellner (Director, Paris/Vienna), Zbigniew Żmudzki (Producer, The Se-Ma-For Production Company), Peter Heuts (Director, Dutch Railways For Educational And Preventative Programs), Teruhiko Kimura (CEO/Producer, Image Science, Inc.), Michael Kögler (Director), Daniel Ly (Marketing Analyst, TV5 Monde), Silvia Kucera (University of Applied Sciences Krems), Hervè Tirmarche (Director), Lela Krstevska (CEO, Balkan Invest Group).

The TAV Airports image trailer and TAV Group image trailer has already received two awards at the Telly Awards held in New York in September. Both films have also won two awards at the Aurora Awards, one of the most prestigious competitions in the United States. The film was shot over a period of 10 days by a team of 35. Post production stages were completed within 3 weeks by a team of 20 people.

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