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Press Releases

TAV Group receives Saudi Delegation

The Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Delegation consisting of representatives of Saudi Arabia’s leading corporations has paid a visit to TAV Group. TAV Group CEO M. Sani Sener explained to the delegation of Saudi Arabia’s leading businessmen the integrated operational structure of TAV, which is regarded as a model for airport operators worldwide.

The Saudi Delegation paid a visit to TAV Group, which made a radical entrance into Saudi Arabia with the Medinah Airport project, which will be built by TAV Airports with an investment of approximately $1.2 Billion and the new aircraft maintenance, repair and operation facilities project to be realized by TAV Construction at Jeddah King Abdul Aziz Airport with a contract value of $765 million. Talking about TAV Group and explaining the projects they have undertaken to the delegation of 16 including Saudi Bin Ladin Group CEO Abdullah Bin Ladin, and Batterjee Holding Vice President and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mazen Mohammed Batterjee, TAV Group CEO M. Sani Sener also highlighted TAV's significant achievements that have led to the company taking its place as a global brand in the airport construction and operation sector.

During his presentation, TAV Group CEO M. Sani Sener said, “As TAV Airports, a company which operates 12 airports in Turkey, Georgia, Tunisia, Macedonia and Saudi Arabia, and TAV Construction, which has become one of the largest airport construction companies within the Turkish-Islamic region by committing to its share of the airport construction projects mainly in the Gulf Region, Middle East and North Africa, we are proud of the infrastructure projects that we have undertaken in the most important cities of the Islamic World. These projects will be a major reference point in the continued development of relations between the two countries.”

In September 2011, TAV Airport signed a contract for the Medinah Airport along with its consortium partners Saudi Oger and Al Rajhi Holding with an investment value of approximately $1.2 Million. As part of the project, the consortium is planning to finalize the construction of the passenger terminal by the first half of 2015, under the leadership of TAV Construction. Inspired by Hejazi architecture, the design of the new terminal emphasizes the elegant and modular structure concept involving spacious areas as the main entry and exit point. The large dome geometrics which are planned to involve octagonal structures for functionality and aesthetics are combined with Islamic symbols. The present 3.8 million passenger capacity of Medinah Airport will be increased with the new terminal building, apron and fast exit taxiways.

In 2012, TAV Construction started the new aircraft maintenance, repair and operation facility project within the King Abdul Aziz International Airport, the entryway to Jeddah. The project, which is worth $765 million, involves 11 hangars owned by Saudi Arabian Airlines, aircraft maintenance support buildings, an administrative building, a closed car park and aircraft parking aprons, and planned to be completed in 900 days.

Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Delegation
• Batterjee Holding Vice President and Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Chairman Mazen Mohammed Batterjee
• Futaihi Holding & IMC CEO Dr. Walid Ahmed Fitahi,
• Saudi Bin Ladin Group CEO Abdullah Bin Ladin,
• Albassam Group Board Member Ziad Bassam Albassam,
• Elkhereiji Commerce&Contracting Co. CEO Abdulrahman Abdullah Elkhereiji,
• O.A.K Certified Public Accountants & Business Consultants & Investment & Commercial Services Co. CEO Osama Abdullah Elkhereiji,
• Consulting Engineers CEO Nabil Mohammadali Abbas,
• Basamh Trading & Industries Group Board Member Saied Ahmed Basamh,
• Ahmed Qasim Alamoudi Co. CEO and Vice-President Badur Al- Amoudi,
• Maaden General Manager Mohammad Suliman Bajba,
• Sale For Distribution & Communication Co. Ltd Vice President Waleed A. Bahamdan,
• Constant Trading Activity General Manager Ala’a Samman, Electromechanical & Technical Associates Co. Ltd. CEO Hani Abdulaziz Saab,
• Architectural &Engineering Consultants President Mohammedosama Fadıl Alkabbani,
• Crystal Arabia For Modern Industries Co. Ltd partner and CEO Fawzi Alnahdi,
• Sukoon International Company President and CEO Ihab Seifeldin A. Elsamannoudi