Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Airports, the world’s number one airport management company, express this year’s report with employee brush strokes

Returning with a global leadership reward from New York last year as a result of combining financials with dance, TAV Airports Holding released the 2011 Annual Report illustrated by the employees. Providing integrated service in every area of airport operations, TAV Airports continues to combine financials with a form of art every year under the theme, “The Art of Service.”

Becoming a global brand in airport operations, TAV Airports prepared the 2011 Annual Report with colorful shots from the perspective of its employees. As a result of three months of work by participants of the TAV Painting Workshop under the tutelage of painter Koksal Ciftci, the operational departments that have carried TAV Airports to its success were painted on canvas.

TAV Airports Investor Relations Coordinator Nursel Ilgen said, “As Investor Relations, we have adopted an innovative and dynamic outlook toward all operations and regard feedback as significant. With this approach, we have continuously been working on how to make the best and the newest for the Annual Report since our public offering. This year, we have designed the Annual Report according to a different structure than the previous years and released it as three separate books; one for the description of 2011 operations, one for sustainability and corporate governance and one for financial tables, submitting them to our stakeholders. Furthermore, we have shortened the text within the report compared to previous years and prepared it in a more visual format. So we had a report, not only appealing to financial sector participants but also to all our stakeholders; a report to be read and understood more easily.” TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargul stated, “While becoming a global brand, the most significant success of TAV is putting into effect a different process of thought and creative capacity. In conjunction with the support we have given to culture and the arts from the beginning, we have transformed the traditional Annual Report format and brought our financials and art together with the participation of our employees. We have expressed our philosophy of “The Art of Service” through painting this year, following literature, music and dance. We have created strong synergy by transferring the richness generated during the TAV Workshop, where we got almost 500 employees and art together in five different categories within two years, to the Annual Report. We are very proud again this year to generate a strong and creative idea, to have the courage to develop it and a new and entertaining product.”

TAV Airports was awarded the “Best of Show” trophy at the ARC competition held in New York in 2010 for its Annual Report accompanied by dance routines performed by employees with choreography by renowned ballet dancer Tan Sagturk. The 2007 Annual Report was designed with inspiration from Buket Uzuner’s novel “Istanbullians”; in 2008 the life of airports was set to the jazz music of Kerem Gorsev; and in 2009, in a project organized with the photography department of Mimar Sinan University, pictures taken by the children of TAV employees were included in the Annual Report.

TAV Airports has received 26 separate awards in various categories for its thematic 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Annual Reports.