Press Releases

Press Releases

ATU opens Riga with 2 million Euros of investment and enters EU through Baltics.

ATU Duty-Free, a subsidiary of TAV Airports, opens the commercial areas it has undertaken the operation of with a ceremony held at Riga Airport, the most important entry point of the Baltic region. Mr. Aivis Ronis, Transportation Minister of Latvia, made the opening of the stores which will be bringing the world famous brands to the doorsteps of the passengers.

A subsidiary of the leading airport operator TAV Airports, ATU Duty-Free held a ceremony to open the recently renovated commercial areas at Riga Airport, which it had undertaken the operation of. Mr. Aivis Ronis; Transportation Minister of Latvia, Mr. Sani Sener; TAV Airports CEO and Mr. Ersin Arcan; ATU General Manager attended the ceremony. The capital city of Latvia, Riga has become the most important commercial, cultural and financial center of the Baltic region during the recent years. ATU had won the operation rights of the commercial areas at Riga Airport until 2020, which it has now completely renovated making an investment of more than 2 million Euros.

TAV Airports CEO Mr. Sani Sener said “With a serious leap forward as the entry gate to the Baltic Region during the recent years, Riga Airport has now become the center of attraction in North Europe. We are pleased to take our partnership forward by undertaking the operation of the commercial areas at Riga where we offer ground services through Havas Europe. Today, we have a significant know-how in every area of the airport operation sector as a company operating at 12 airports in five countries. Now, we have brought this know-how to Riga and made a steady entry through the gates of the EU”.

ATU General Manager Ersan Arcan Arcan said “As ATU Duty-Free, we established a reference point in the Baltic region in terms of our sector by re-presenting the experience we have gained in different countries. The Shopping Mall concept and dynamic service mentality that we brought to Riga are offered to our passengers as a privileged shopping experience. The revenue per passenger and the increase of total proceeds we obtained in a short period of time reflect the success of our approach. We anticipate improving the commercial areas at Riga Airport further through the restructuring works and redefining the commercial concept. The innovative works we carried out as ATU Duty Free strengthened our leading position as a global player in the sector as well as proving once more our capability of creating reference operations at any airport in the world in a very short period of time".

TAV Airports had won the tender for operation rights of the commercial areas at Riga Airport for 10 years and signed a contract in 2010. The renovation works have begun in January 2011. The locations and concepts of the duty-free stores and the passenger traffic have been reviewed as part of the renovation works and made suitable to accommodate the requirements of today’s terminal operation sector and commercial mentality. As a consequence of this investment, TAV has become the primary business partner of Riga Airports. By the end of 2011, 15 stores started providing services on a 1,307.00 square meter area, eight of which offered by ATU Duty-Free and seven by the sub-operators.

A special store is also on the cards specifically for Riga Airport employees and the flight teams offering special prices.