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Press Releases

TAV pauses life at the airport

TAV Airports’ new introductory film offers an insider’s view of its success in seamlessly managing the airport operations, providing a behind the scenes view of what happens in addition to its visible activities. The theme of the film is based on the question, “What if TAV did not exist?” and life pauses for a moment at the airport…

Creating a global brand in airport operations, TAV Airports has showcased the operations going on behind the scenes that passengers cannot see and the highly sophisticated structure it has been operating. The script of the film is based on two passengers coming to the airport and how the passengers benefit from the services provided by TAV employees. During the film, in order to answer the question “What if TAV did not exist?” life ceases for a moment. The film - produced by Dreambox and directed by Dutch director Louis Van Zwol with director of cinematography Steve Walker - emphasizes TAV’s aim in making passenger travel easier.

TAV Airports Corporate Communications Coordinator Bengi Vargül stated: “At TAV Airports we are positioning our services with the purpose of making travel pleasurable. TAV employees are the invisible heroes of the airport. Through our film we have displayed how the efforts of our employees bring a smile to our passengers’ faces. As a Turkish brand we have been conducting operations in 12 airports in Georgia, Tunisia, Macedonia, Latvia and Saudi Arabia in addition to our operations in Turkey. Passengers can go through all the processes at the airport smoothly thanks to perfect planning and considering all details regarding the operations and highly sophisticated organization designed through the know-how of TAV. Through this film we have tried to underline that a seamless system is not achieved by chance and that TAV is the main player behind the scenes, providing a structure which runs like clockwork.”

TAV’s new introductory film of TAV Airports is being promoted with the taglines, ‘What is going on at the airport?’ and ‘Flights have stopped, the passengers are surprised…’ for one week on social media channels like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter in addition to various other web sites. The teasers have had thousands of views in social media within a short period of time.

The film shoot took place over 10 days with a team of 35. Post production was completed in three weeks by a team of 20.

Shooting Period: 10 days

Location: Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Production Team: 35

Camera System: Arri Alexa

Camera Equipment: Dolly

Post Production Team: 20

Actor/Actress: Mesut Özkeçeci, Josyln Marie Fink

Duration: 01:41

About TAV Airports

A leading global airport operator, TAV Airports operates Istanbul Atatürk, Ankara Esenboga, Izmir Adnan Menderes and Antalya Gazipasa Airports in Turkey, as well as Tbilisi and Batumi Airports in Georgia, Monastir and Enfidha-Hammamet Airports in Tunisia, and Skopje and Ohrid Airports Macedonia. The Holding will also undertake the operations of Medina Airport, the first privatization project of Saudi Arabia, in the first half of 2012. TAV Airports also operates in other areas of airport operations such as duty-free, food and beverage services, ground handling, IT, security and operational services. TAV Airports also operates duty free, food and beverage and other commercial areas at Riga Airport in Latvia. The company, together with its subsidiaries, provides services to approximately 451,000 flights and 53 million passengers each year.