Press Releases

Press Releases

TAV Macedonia became a part of FON University’s Factory of Knowledge

TAV Macedonia and FON University signed a cooperation agreement within the university’s academic campaign Factory of Knowledge. The official agreement signing ceremony was held on Monday, December 26, 2011 at Skopje Alexander the Great Airport. During the press conference, the project details, strategic goals and interests were presented, as well as the activities to be undertaken in the upcoming period. TAV Macedonia General Manager Zoran Krstevski and FON University General Manager Sefer Canoski attended to the signing ceremony.

“We are more than happy to cooperate with FON University in this project. TAV Airports had always given great importance to creating value for the communities in the countries it operates. As a company whose biggest capital is its know-how and human resources, we very well know the difference that education makes. Therefore, this project embodies the very ideals that created TAV's success. Operating two airports in this country, we believe in Macedonia's future and will work to make it brighter" TAV Macedonia General Manager Zoran Krstevski stated during the press conference.

“FON University has had a lot of success with the companies in the first module of Factory of Knowledge, but having companies such as TAV Macedonia supporting us in the second round we are certain the success will be even greater. Great thanks to the Deputy General Manager Mr. Alper Ersoy who agreed to accept the initiative immediately and recognizing the significance of out project. We hope to see some of the students as TAV interns and employees in the future” FON University General Manager Sefer Canoski said.

By signing this agreement for business cooperation and the press conference, the circle of companies participating in the second season of Factory of Knowledge 2 is closed.In the course of the the past month, in addition to TAV Macedonia, FON has signed agreements with the leading Macedonian bank, Komercijalna Banka AD, Euroimpex – Peugeot, the Grozd factory for beverages from Strumica, the Dnevnik daily newspaper, the construction materials company Renova and the Tikvesh Winery.