Press Releases

Press Releases

Riga Airport welcomes its five-millionth passenger

Served by TAV Airports, operating duty free areas and leasing commercial areas including food and beverage area, Riga Airport welcomed its five millionth passenger.

One of the important connection points of North Europe, Riga Airport welcomed its five-millionth passenger. The five millionth passenger of Riga Airport, who arrived from Oslo, capital of Norway, by AirBaltic Airlines, was Dace Dizbite-Ose. In the welcome reception, ATU presented a special gift basket and Riga Airport management presented a privileged CIP card for Dizbite-Ose to offer the advantages provided to the airport clients. The leading airlines of the country, AirBaltic, gave her a “business class” ticket for two persons to any of the destinations decided by the passenger.

“Greeting of the five-millionth passenger is not signifies the luck of the passenger, but also remarks a major step forward in the development of entire airport. With five million passengers welcomed per year we have come close to such airports as Warsaw and St Petersburg,” said Chairman of the Board of Riga Airport Arnis Luhse.

TAV Latvia Country Coordinator Guclu Batkin: “Within the context of our 10-year cooperation agreement signed with Riga Airport for operating duty free areas and leasing commercial areas including food and beverage areas, we, as TAV, execute the project of leasing duty-free, food and beverage and other commercial areas in Riga Airport, since January 2011. Welcoming the five millionth passenger by the end of 2011 is an indication of the remarkable potential of Riga Airport. In this respect, we are pleased to welcome the five millionth passenger together with our business partners Riga Airport management and the leading airlines, AirBaltic.”

Having the duty free stores being operated by ATU, a subsidiary of TAV Airports and also providing the ground services by HAVAS Europe, which has a 50% partnership of HAVAS, Riga Airports reach out to five million passengers by December 2011, increasing the number of passengers from the day it welcomed the one millionth passenger on December 13th, 2004.