Press Releases

Press Releases

A surprise percussion and dance display by BTA for passengers at the airport

Providing food and beverage service at airports as one of TAV Airports affiliated companies, BTA organized a pleasant pre-flight show for passengers as part of New Year celebrations.

Offering different tastes from Turkish and World cuisines combined with Turkish hospitality and operating with awareness of customer satisfaction, BTA, once more, proved its biggest difference in service, “the power to make people happy”, by putting on a show for the passengers at the “food court” within Atatürk Airport International Terminal.

Serving food in BTA uniforms, 14 members of The Carnival Turco Percussion and Dance Group provided a pleasant entertainment for passengers by surprising them with their show they put on after the food service. The show which was enjoyed by passengers watching continued throughout the day at intervals.

Underlining the importance they attach to customer satisfaction, BTA Chairman Sadettin Cesur said “Airports have now become living spaces. We are very much customer satisfaction oriented at the airports we operate. As the New Year is around the corner, we wanted to organize an event to add fun into the travelling experience of the passengers at the transit area where we predominantly have foreign passengers".

About BTA:

Providing food and beverage service at international standards from 146 units across 9 terminals in Turkey, Georgia, Macedonia and Tunisia, under TAV Airports, BTA was established in 1999 in a partnership between Bilintur, Tepe and Akfen groups and started operating in January 2000. Serving to an average of 37,000 thousand passengers daily, offering a wide variety of menu choices from the cuisines around the world, BTA operates 24 hours a day at 146 units including cafes, bars, restaurants and kiosks within a 33 thousand square meter area with 12,500 seating capacity.

Including 33 more food and beverage units into its operation at Istanbul Sea Buses used by 50 million passengers daily, the pier operated by IDO (Istanbul Sea Buses), car ferries and ferryboats, BTA has also been operating TAV Airport Hotel located at Atatürk Airport International Terminal since 22nd May 2004. Founded in 2006 by BTA Catering, the bakery products factory Cakes&Bakes currently supplies products to world-famous fast food and coffee chains with its 2 million piece capacity a month.