Press Releases

Press Releases

Turkish Internal Audit Congress took place with participation by TAV Airports Internal Audit Department.

The 15th Internal Audit Congress of Turkey was held by The Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey at Swiss Hotel, addressing the issues of risk management in Turkey within the current year that the global economic crisis brings with itself. Attended by senior management of leader corporations of the sector in Turkey, the Congress saw the presentation by TAV Airports Internal Audit Director Mr. Altug Koraltan, covering the grounds related to TAV’s risk management through its extensive knowledge and experience.

Also attended by approximately 500 local and foreign business people, the congress organized by The Institute of Internal Auditing - Turkey (TIDE) who is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year witnessed presentations by professionals, academicians and leading names in the sector, on the main theme of the congress; “The Outlook”. Making a presentation titled “Auditing of Human and Human Resources in Cases of Misconduct”, TAV Airports Internal Auditing Director Mr. Altug Koraltan said “The Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey is an organization which has, for the past 15 years, been successfully carrying out modern auditing activities in Turkey. It carries out works in terms of encouraging young graduates to work in the sector as well as improving the technical know-how amongst existing auditors. As TAV Airports Audit Team, we find the chance to share our knowledge and experience with other associates besides taking advantage of the seminars and certification exams given by the Institute of Internal Auditing - Turkey. As a licensed senior auditor, I am happy to be invited to the congress held to mark the 15th anniversary of the institution. TAV Audit Team was given the Internal Auditing Awareness Award in 2011. Receiving invitations for both events is an indication of the understanding within the sector, of the level of importance TAV puts into auditing and of the recognition by other corporations. This makes my team and myself very proud. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues within TAV who have been very supportive, particularly our CEO Mr. Sani Sener.

Held annually by the Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey, the leading corporation in developing and extending practices in Internal Auditing, Turkish Internal Audit Congress aims to create added value as reference and source of assurance for associates, corporations and society, as part of the international standards in internal auditing practices, and bring together the professional experts from sector leaders.